Portuguese and European-Style Breads: Recreating Their Tastes and Traditions

The trade of the baker is one of the oldest crafts in the world. Not only has a baker’s bread played a central role in family and community for thousands of years, it also has come to symbolize unity and togetherness across many cultures. In Portugal, local bakeries and fresh bread are essential to daily life, diet and culture. With the countries’ abundance of artisan bakers and bakeries, each region has flourished to produce a variety of unique breads, all with signature tastes and textures. Nova Era cherishes the traditions of Portuguese bread making and continues to re-create many of these regional varieties using the traditional methods and recipes.

Our Breads are Produced in Small Batches for Maximum Flavour and Texture

At Nova Era, our breads are handcrafted by our highly skilled bakers – experts in the fine art of bread making. Using only simple recipes, these breads are mixed, shaped, proofed and baked in small batches every day, resulting in the creation of exceptional taste and texture. Our goal is to create fresh and delicious bread using only natural quality ingredients, never any additives or preservatives, while staying true to time-honoured traditions.